Ways to make your CV efficient

bouton cvResume or CV is the first thing your potential employer sees, and it is very important to make it attractive, professional and full of useful information that reveals your best skills and emphasizes on your strong sides. In this article we will show you small hints how to improve your CV and what should not be done.

  1. Make sure that the text in the CV is grammatically correct and words are spelled properly. If you are writing it in foreign language – do not hesitate to check the spelling using either automated spelling check which is present in most text programs (for example Microsoft Word), or check the doubtful words using dictionaries. Mistakes in the text, words make bad impression on the person who reads it.
  2. If you have to fill in a CV of a particular company that gives you its special CV form – make sure that you fill in all fields unless something is not applicable to you. Especially it is important to fill in all the personal information section like few contact phone numbers (if you have), skype, mail, viber etc; working experience with dates, job details, etc.
  3. If you wish to create your own CV you may use one of many forms available on internet, or write freely. Do not forget to highlight your strong sides, your major skills and experience. Provide information on your work experience, specifying the exact dates of your employment, company details and your duties or your responsibilities. Try to give the main idea with brief wording as at most times the recruiters do not have much time to read all, and exact precise words or phrases will define you as a suitable candidate or not. For example, a welder may write in his CV his major skills: “Professional in TIG, MIG, MAG, MMA welding. Preparation of pipes for welding. Team-worker. Good level of English.” Etc
  4. Be ready to provide the contact details of your previous employers, it is one of the most crucial thing when getting employed as good or bad characteristic from your previous job may be the key to getting or losing a new job. To receive a positive reply about being hired you need to give at least two references or recommendation letters, which can be confirmed by personal talk to your previous recruiter.
  5. If you are a seaman, please specify the work experience as it is stated in your seaman’s book. Discrepancy in CV and seaman’s book records may result in rejection of employment.
  6. Make sure that you have a nice photo of you in the CV, preferably smiling and looking smart.
  7. Your CV will look good when you write all the text in same fonts and same size. You may say that it is not important, but there are employers who pay attention to the smallest details. The text, the words in the tables written in different fonts and sizes look messy and may give an impression that you not an organized person or do not pay attention to details.
  8. The last but not the least thing: when you introduce yourself to your potential employer in a mail please avoid using diminutive names and joking nicks such as Uncle Jora, Vovchik, Kolyan etc. Sense of humor is a great thing but not when you are presenting yourself as a professional.

These are few things that might help you to find a job when you will be sending your resume to your dream company. We wish you good luck in your career!

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