Flights revival

After 2,5 months of lockdown due to fast spreading of COVID-19 all over the world – countries slowly start to get back to normal like and reviving interconnection between them.
In Ukraine start of airports working was postponed few times depending on the situation with numbers of infected people. Finally it looks very positive that airlines will start operating regularly from middle of June, 2020. Ukrainian airline Flyua is selling tickets for flights from Kyiv and Odessa from June 16.

Despite of improvement of COVID-19 situation in the world some countries take special measures to prevent any future virus outbreaks. For example, Israel is not allowing foreigners entering the country until May 30. After this time it is announced that Israel may allow visitors from so-called “green countries” to enter after being subjected to several Health Ministry protocols. It is not currently clear what protocols will be used.
The green-country list is made of several nations with comparatively low rates of corona virus infections.

Some countries in EU will introduce “health passport” or “Covid-19 passport” for travellers, it may serve as a proof that a person is not infected with the virus. The coronavirus test will be performed in the country of origin before citizens are allowed to travel to their chosen destination.