The Agreement between Ukraine and Israel on the Temporary Employment of Ukrainian Workers was signed

Flag-Pins-Israel-UkraineOn June 7, 2016, the Agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the State of Israel on the Temporary Employment of Ukrainian Workers in Specific Labor Market Sectors in the State of Israel was signed in Kyiv.

From the Ukrainian side the Agreement was signed by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Mr.Pavlo Klimkin, from Israeli side – by the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Israel to Ukraine Mr.Eliav Byelotserkovski.

This agreement aims to normalize the employment of Ukrainian workers in certain sectors of the economy of Israel, mainly in construction, in terms of annual quotas and social security under Israeli law, to prevent the illegal employment and to fight against illegal migration.

Under the agreement 10-15 thousand of skilled Ukrainian workers, with validated credentials can be employed in the construction sector of Israel. They will receive a guaranteed salary, medical insurance and will have adequate working conditions. Thus, the Agreement will enable to increase the level of social and economic protection of Ukrainian citizens in Israel.

Execution of this agreement will meet the needs of the Israeli economy, especially the construction industry, in highly qualified and experienced manpower from Ukraine; will promote further development of Ukrainian-Israeli cooperation in the area of migration and mobility of employees. Implementation of this agreement will also contribute to solve issues of migration policy and will prevent violations of the visa-free regime between Ukraine and Israel.

The sides agreed to take necessary steps for the entering into force of this Agreement without delay.

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