EU-flagged vessels soon might offer better working conditions for seamen

EU commission

The working conditions of seafarers might soon improve as the European Commission is proposing to incorporate an agreement between social partners. This concerns seamen onboard vessels with EU flags in EU law.

Such proposal will make sure that crew are better protected against abandonment in foreign ports and in case of death, long-term disability due to an occupational injury, illness or hazard will have better rights. The proposal is said to stimulate fair competition in the maritime sector and of course make work on ships more attractive for young new comers.

The above mentioned proposal will concern the following cases: protection of seafarers in the event of abandonment including when the ship owner fails to pay contractual wages for a period of at least two months, or when the ship owner has left the seafarer without the necessary maintenance and support to execute ship operations.

Moreover, the proposal will improve the process of compensation in cases of abandonment or death or long-term disability. The payment of claims will be easier and quicker.